Work Place

A colorful business centric premium WordPress theme with several options allowing you to put your best content forward.

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Theme Options and Widgets

The Work Place theme options page includes configuration and management for several key display and content customization tasks. Easily add your own logo and manage content settings without touching a singe theme file. The Work Place theme also includes several new and exclusive sidebar widgets which allow you to customize your theme sidebar however you want. The Featured Content widget allows you to display featured content (posts) within the sidebar with numerous different configuration options. There is are also Relates Post, Popular Content and Comments widgets that are all included with the theme.

Post Thumbnails in a Matter of Seconds

With the Simple Post Thumbnails plugin, adding thumbnail images to your posts is as easy as uploading any image (no editing required) and clicking the “Update Post” button. Upon upload, the plugin will automatically re-size and crop the selected image according to parameters specified within the Work Place Theme.

WordPress 2.8 Compatible

All of the themes sold on are guaranteed to run on the latest stable version of WordPress (currently 2.8) under a “clean” installation. If you do not know what WordPress is, or how to install it, I would highly recommend that your head over to and read the Getting Started With WordPress documentation prior to purchasing any of my themes. Most hosts provide a “1 click” installation process for WordPress, but please do check with your hosting provider to verify that your account is WordPress compatible.

Work Place is a Cinch to Use

One of the best things about the Work Place theme is that if you know how to use WordPress, you already know how to use Work Place. But, as always, if you need a little coaching, the Work Place theme is fully documented and supported. Click here to view the Work Place theme setup and usage instructions or click here for the Support Forums.

Theme Requirements

Work Place requires WordPress 2.8+, MySQL 5+ and PHP 5+ with GD Support enabled in order to function properly. If you’re not sure that your hosting environment will support the Work Place theme, you can download the free requirements check plugin HERE. Simply upload then activate the plugin after which a message will be displayed telling you if your environment is compatible. If your hosting environment is not compatible, a list will be displayed telling you exactly what needs to be upgraded.

Licensing and Pre-Purchase Questions

If you have any licensing or pre-purchase questions, please view my Purchase Purchase Terms and Conditions which should be read prior to purchasing any theme on Any pre-purchase questions not covered within the Terms and Conditions should be posted within the Support Forums under the Pre-Purchase Questions forum. Thanks for choosing

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